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Guestbook for Christmas '09 (VA Beach)
Reggie Connaughton(non-registered)
Oh My Gosh. These are amazing! You did such a great job! It was good to see you guys too! It's funny, I just saw one of these on Kathy's FB this am and so I sent you a message to get the link. lol -Guess that you can disregard that now.

It's a shame that we all only see each other once a year. All of my family is in FLA. I am so homesick. Here everyone is so much closer together and we're still all too busy! -Downright shameful. -So, I wish you all a super fantastic year... This site is added to favs. I'll have to buy some after Christmas. Kids (Santa) has taken all of my money right now. lol -I think that the one of Billy & Viv is my favorite!

Love them! ;)
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